Warehouse Fans: Optimal Airflow Solutions for Your Facility

When performance and efficiency in air circulation are nonnegotiables, high-performance warehouse fans are the cornerstone to maintaining a well-ventilated work environment. Utilizing industrial fans for warehouses is not just about boosting productivity; it’s about improving the efficiency of other HVAC equipment and increasing the lifespan of your machinery. 

At ChopAir, we understand the critical role these fans play in maintaining optimal airflow and temperature control. Our wide range of warehouse fans are designed to meet the diverse needs of modern warehouses, combining efficiency, durability, and power to create the ideal working conditions.

High-Volume, Low-Speed (HVLS) WareHouse Fans

Maximizing airflow while minimizing costs is vital in expansive industrial settings. High-volume, low-speed fans, or HVLS fans, excel in delivering a cost-effective and powerful cooling solution. The genius of these large industrial fans lies in their ability to circulate vast amounts of air across wide spaces with exceptional efficiency. They are designed to move a large volume of air at low speeds, significantly reducing energy consumption compared to conventional fans, making them an indispensable part of high-efficiency cooling in warehouses and other large facilities. ChopAir’s HVLS fans are unique in their ability to reverse directions to increase the efficiency of heaters during the winter months.



Large Diameter Blades

Enhances air circulation over extensive areas.

Low-Speed Operation

Ensures energy efficiency and quiet performance.

Year-Round Utility

Supports both cooling and heat destratification.

Minimal Maintenance

Low upkeep costs and longevity of the fan.

Colossus: Industrial Gear Drive HVLS Fan

For expansive spaces, nothing matches the magnitude of the Colossus industrial fan. This colossal fan effectively mitigates hot and cold spots and maintains continuous airflow throughout your facility. Experience a perceptible temperature drop of 4-7 degrees, coupled with long-term energy savings. Plus, with its reverse circulation feature, the Colossus fan ensures year-round comfort by regulating temperatures to perfection, whether you need to cool down or heat your space.

  • Standard Drive Industrial Fan
  • Powerful circulation for large spaces
  • Produces a 2–3 mph breeze equivalent to 4–7 degree reduction in perceived temperature 
  • 8–24 foot span
  • Less than 55 dBA
  • Multiple voltage & mounting options
  • Multiple control options (wired touch screen, network, BMS integration)

Summit: Industrial Direct Drive HVLS Fan


The Summit HVLS fan is engineered to optimize the operation of your entire facility while delivering considerable energy efficiency. Experience the tangible benefits of a cooler environment, as stagnant air is minimized, and hot and cold spots are alleviated, ensuring food remains fresh and dry. 

  • Direct Drive Industrial Fan
  • Produces a 2–3 mph breeze equivalent to 4–7 degree reduction in perceived temperature
  • 8–24 foot span
  • Less than 45 dBA
  • Multiple voltage & mounting options
  • Multiple control options (wired touch screen, network, BMS integration)

Brevis: 3-Blade Industrial HVLS Fan

The BREVIS 3-Blade fan is expertly crafted to efficiently circulate vast amounts of air, ensuring seamless operation throughout your entire facility while delivering significant energy conservation. Experience the tangible impact of a cooler environment, as stagnant air is minimized, hot and cold spots are alleviated, and food remains dry and fresh. 

  • 3-Blade Industrial Shop Ceiling Fan
  • 8 – 24 foot span
  • Less than 55 dBA
  • Multiple voltage & mounting options
  • Multiple control options (wired touch screen, network, BMS integration)

Super Duty Directional WareHOUSE Fans

When there are a lot of obstacles in the way and pinpoint precision in ventilation is required, directional fans with powerful motors emerge as the definitive solution for your warehouse. Where huge airflow is essential, but the aim is to direct it to specific areas, these fans are a facility manager’s go-to choice. The stainless steel blades have a wide throw of airflow while the red lineal distance blades have a narrow throw of airflow.



Powerful Motor

Enables the fan to provide strong, concentrated flow of air.

Targeted Airflow

Covers long, narrow areas effectively, ensuring optimal air distribution.

Low Noise Design

Minimizes distractions, allowing for a more focused and comfortable workplace.

Corrosion Resistance

Guarantees longevity of the fans even in tough environments.


Designed specifically for large areas requiring significant airflow, the SD5V industrial fan boasts a robust construction to withstand demanding conditions. Equipped with a completely enclosed 1.5 HP TEFC motor and a wall-mounted speed control, this fan ensures durability and longevity. Its variable speed capability enables you to tailor the airflow to suit various seasons, such as using a slower setting during winter to circulate warm air from the ceiling or prevent floor sweating.

  • 59″ Variable Speed Overhead Fan
  • 43,000 CFM
  • 1.5 HP Motor


SD4VFF r 1

The SD5VFF industrial floor fan is designed for efficient air circulation wherever it’s needed. Featuring a fully enclosed 1.5 HP Heavy Industry inverter motor and a mounted variable speed controller, it offers portable cooling solutions within your facility. Equipped with directional and locking castors for stability, it comes with OSHA-compliant guarding for safety and can withstand extreme temperatures up to 135°F.

  • 59″ Variable Speed Floor Fan
  • 43,000 CFM
  • 1.5 HP Motor

Explore ChopAir's Range of High-Efficiency Warehouse Fans

Discover the ChopAir difference with innovative and high-efficiency fans designed for the modern industrial space. ChopAir’s design and installation process for warehouse fans is specifically tailored to meet a broad spectrum of needs within the warehouse environment, concentrating on performance, efficiency, and consistent, high-quality air circulation.

Whether your goal is to sustain comfortable working conditions, preserve the integrity of stored goods, or manage your facility’s energy consumption, ChopAir’s selection of warehouse fans provides a comprehensive solution. By integrating these large industrial fans into your warehouse, you’ll experience the difference not only in terms of cooling but also in air quality and overall energy bills.

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