Directional Fans

Mounted or mobile, directional fans get air where it’s supposed to go. Use them to keep your industrial shop cool or to direct air down the aisles of your warehouse or distribution center. On their own or paired with HVLS fans, these industrial fans move some serious air.

Industrial fans reporting for (Super) Duty.

ChopAir is proud to supply Super Duty Fans. These Texas-tough industrial fans are built to last and provide options for every space and air-moving need. Their powerful motors, massive drive pulleys, shroud enclosures and unique blades work together to move a ton of air safely.

Are you looking for a high-velocity shop fan in Tampa or Kansas City? At ChopAir, we offer mounted or mobile directional shop fans. These are ideal for warehouses, distribution centers, processing plants, construction, manufacturing, and industrial shops.

Made in the U.S.A.

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Featured Super Duty Fans


59″ Variable Speed Floor Fan

  • 43,000 CFM
  • 1.5 HP Motor


59″ Variable Speed Overhead Fan

  • 43,000 CFM
  • 1.5 HP Motor


48″ Variable Speed Overhead Fan

  • 31,000 CFM
  • 1.5 HP Motor


36″ Single Speed Overhead Fan

  • 13,000 CFM
  • 1/3 HP Motor

Powerful Airflow Whenever You Need It

A directional fan is a free-standing electric fan with the ability to move in the direction it’s needed. These are typically plugged in and positioned where they can provide cooling relief in any situation. These industrial-strength models have high-performing motors and high-capacity designs that handle everything from work environments to sports facilities.

In short, there’s a ChopAir directional fan for cooling and ventilation needs in virtually any setting.

Why Choose ChopAir Directional Shop Fans?

Heavy duty

If you’re renovating, constructing, or opening a new space, trust our innovative fans to deliver high performance under pressure.


Our large shop fans are built for rough conditions and demanding environments, from harsh industrial facilities to dirty outdoor workshops.

Projected airflow

You can pinpoint airflow to a specific direction up to 120 meters away.

Quiet operation

Practical and powerful, our shop fans deliver a generous stream of fresh, cool air with minimal noise.

Getting the right industrial fans is a breeze with ChopAir.

If you’re not sure what model, type or size of industrial fans you need, don’t sweat it. Whether you already have a facility or are building one, we’ll ensure you get the right solution.

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