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You need a fan that will suit your facility. The fans need to be sized appropriately and positioned correctly to cool or heat your facility in the most energy-efficient way possible. That’s where we come in. The ChopAir team will visit your facility and work with architects and engineers to design a solution that will effectively meet your needs. 

Most warehouses can benefit from a highly customizable approach to warehouse cooling solutions. If you own and currently operate a warehouse in Florida and Kansas City where summer heat can be extreme, it’s important to ensure that your facility is designed and optimized for cooling.

How Our Seamless Design and Installation Services Work

Unfamiliar with how to utilize warehouse HVAC systems for optimal cooling? That’s where ChopAir comes in. Our experienced staff of engineers and network of technicians can design and install the perfect combination of high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans and directional shop fans to keep your facility cool throughout the summer months.

ChopAir’s Five-Step Engineering Process


When we arrive at your facility for your free site visit, we will begin by taking measurements and conducting an airflow analysis to determine the quality of your current airflow and measure how our products can improve it.


The data we collect from our site visit informs our design decision, including what model and size fan we choose for your facility, where we place them, and the drop-down.

Structural Study

When you install several big fans in your facility, you must have the physical structures in place to support them. Our mechanical engineers will analyze your building and explain exactly what kind of support, including I-beams, bar joists, z-purlins, wood beams, and concrete tees, you may need to safely install our fans.


Your fan must be installed and integrated according to NFPA 13 criteria. That means it must be connected to your building’s fire alarm control system to shut off when sprinklers turn on. Doing so maximizes the effectiveness of your sprinkler system and prevents you from being fined for code violations in the future.


We want you to get the most out of your investment, so we will take the time to adequately program your fans using our touch screen remote and automate them so they are easy to use.

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