If you need to move massive amounts of air over a large area at the lowest cost, meet your match. High volume, low speed (HVLS) fans deliver cool energy savings and a more comfortable environment year-round in warehouses, distribution centers, shop floors, restaurants and more.

The secret is perfectly optimized speed paired with an impressive 6–24 foot “wingspan.” The blades pull in air and then push it down in sweeping conical air streams, creating a noticeable breeze while recirculating the air.

Shop EPIC HVLS fans, in stock and ready to move (air).

ChopAir is proud to supply and install industrial and commercial HVLS fans by Epic Fans. These rugged Texas-built fans carry the industry’s longest warranties on the product and installation. “Quality Over Everything” rules the day at ChopAir.

You’ll also benefit from our in-stock inventory when you buy HVLS fans from us. We buy in bulk so that you can enjoy cost savings and quick lead times.

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15-Year Warranty



Featured EPIC HVLS Fans For Sale


Standard Drive Industrial Fan

  • Powerful circulation for large spaces 
  • 8–24 foot span
  • Less than 55 dBA
  • Multiple control options (wired touch screen, network, BMS integration)


Direct Drive Industrial Fan

  • Produces a 2–3 mph breeze equivalent to 4–7 degree reduction in perceived temperature
  • 8–24 foot span
  • Less than 45 dBA
  • Multiple control options (wired touch screen, network, BMS integration)


3-Blade Industrial Shop Ceiling Fan

  • All in one NEMA 4X VFD 
  • 12, 16 or 20-foot span
  • Less than 55 dBA
  • Multiple voltage & mounting options
  • Industrial grade control panel


Commercial HVLS Fan

  • Efficient cooling in a sleek, low-profile package
  • 6–14 foot span
  • Less than 35 dBA
  • Blend in or stand out: many color & pattern options
  • Multiple control options (wired touch screen, network)

If you’re looking to buy HVLS fans, look no further. ChopAir delivers high-quality and cost-efficient industrial and commercial HVLS fans. The sweeping motion delivers even air circulation across any room, protecting people and equipment from drafts and temperature fluctuation.

Year-round Comfort in Your Space

Setting the standards for industrial fans, the HVLS fan is a high-volume, low-speed fan that moves large volumes of air at low speeds. Our innovative, large HVLS fans for a warehouse, factory, restaurant, and other demanding commercial spaces ensure optimal comfort, air circulation, and energy savings year-round.

No matter the season, these large HVLS fans distribute massive amounts of air and maintain an even temperature from floor to ceiling.

Benefits of Using Commercial HVLS Fans

HVLS fans are the absolute way to keep your workspace or facility cool and comfortable. However, their benefits go further than that. The best thing is that these benefits come with less energy consumption and the following:

  • Safer and more comfortable work environment
  • Balanced air circulation
  • Forbids condensation
  • Boosts employee productivity and retention
  • Keeps food and goods fresh and dry to reduce spoilage


In addition to their performance and efficient design, HVLS fans are quieter and more reliable than conventional designs.

Buy HVLS Fans Today

At ChopAir, our commercial HVLS fans move air efficiently and will positively impact many factors in your facility. We offer fans with a wingspan ranging from 6 to 24 feet. As the leading HVLS fan provider in the country, we offer products in bulk so that you get incredible savings and quick lead times.

If you want to buy a commercial HVLS fan, request a quote, or contact us today.

Getting the right HVLS fan is a breeze with ChopAir.

If you’re not sure what model, type, or size of HVLS fan you need, don’t sweat it. Whether you already have a facility or are building one, we’ll ensure you get the right solution.

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