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Embrace comfort, energy savings, and heightened productivity with Chopair’s innovative design and installation of industrial and commercial gas heaters.

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Our extensive collection, featuring everything from sleek Low-Profile Power Vented to versatile Outdoor Heaters, meets a broad range of needs while focusing on energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

At ChopAir, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of heating solutions, understanding and responding to the ever-evolving demands of our customers. Whether you’re looking for discreet but powerful patio heaters or a robust system for your warehouse, our gas heaters are designed to provide optimal performance, durability, and energy savings.

Low-Profile Power Vented (PTP/BTP)


ChopAir offers design and installation for Modine’s Low-Profile Power Vented (PTP/BTP) Heaters. These are the epitome of sophistication in heating technology and high efficiency. 

The horizontal power-vented PTP unit heater line delivers up to 83% thermal efficiency in a small business-friendly design. The PTP/BTP series is a marvel of engineering, providing powerful heating solutions in a compact, unobtrusive form.

Enhance heat and air distribution by adding ductwork to the blower model BTP. This unit is ideal for greenhouse applications and other scenarios requiring improved and adaptable air movement.

The Chopair team will expertly design and install your new heater, ensuring optimal performance, accurate sizing, and strategic placement based on the unique heating requirements of the commercial space.

Power Vented Gas-Fired Unit Heaters

Modine’s Power Vented Gas-Fired Unit Heaters embody unwavering dedication to quality and efficiency. These heaters boast an impressive 83% thermal efficiency and maximize seasonal efficiency through the use of a collector box and the power exhauster.

Ideal for many settings, these heaters are renowned for their energy efficiency, which translates into significant savings on utility bills while maintaining a warm, inviting environment.

Our Power Vented Gas-Fired Unit Heaters are engineered for longevity and performance. They are equipped with advanced features that ensure optimal heat distribution and air quality. These heaters are not just a heating solution, they are an investment in comfort and efficiency, built to stand the test of time.


Hot Dawg® Garage Heater


Elevate your garage experience with Modine’s Hot Dawg® Garage Heaters. Specifically designed for garage environments, these compact heaters provide warmth and comfort without occupying significant space, exemplifying our focus on innovative, space-efficient heating solutions.

This separated combustion garage heater draws all its combustion air from outside, making it a perfect choice for workspaces where paint or flammable materials are frequently used. 

This design ensures fresh air supply and safety by minimizing the risk associated with dusty or particulate-laden environments, addressing concerns about performance and durability.

Tube Heaters

Our Schwank Tube Heaters are where aesthetic meets practicality in heating technology. Their energy efficiency is a hallmark of our commitment to environmentally friendly heating solutions.

Ideal for spaces ranging from low 8′ to high 50′ ceiling heights, these heaters thrive in diverse environments, even handling negative air conditions with ease. Users also enjoy savings of 35% to 50% compared to forced-air systems.

Radiant tube heaters are categorized as gas-fired infrared heating units, belonging to the decentralized heating system category, known for delivering heat precisely where it’s needed and offering redundancy, ensuring continued operation even if one unit fails in a facility.

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High-Intensity Heaters

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Schwank’s High-Intensity Heaters are the powerhouse utilizing radiant heat in commercial and industrial applications. These heaters are crafted to deliver intense and effective warmth, ensuring even the chilliest spaces are comfortably heated.

These high-intensity heaters are used in industrial and commercial buildings, logistics facilities, and workshops with medium to high ceilings (up to 180 feet (55m). 

They are ideal for environments that require a significant amount of heat in a short amount of time. If warehouse gas heaters or heaters in large spaces like workshops or manufacturing facilities are what you need, this heater should be a consideration of yours.

Outdoor Heaters

Schwank Outdoor Heaters bring the comfort of indoors to the great outdoors. Perfect for patios and outdoor areas, these heaters are robust and built to endure the elements while providing steady and efficient heating. Enjoy your outdoor spaces all year round with our durable and reliable outdoor heaters.

Outdoor gas-fired and electric patio heaters have become a staple in various settings like restaurants, entertainment venues, and stadiums, with this trend on the rise. Designed for commercial and hospitality venues, they boast safety, modern aesthetics, and a small footprint. With a modest initial investment and minimal daily operating expenses, the ROI is quick. Explore our top-quality outdoor heaters and discover the wide range of infrared heating solutions for your space today.

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Not Interested in Gas? Check Out Our Electric Heaters

Electric Heaters

In addition to our comprehensive range of commercial and industrial gas heaters, ChopAir offers a versatile selection of Schwank Electric Heaters. These heaters are suitable for various environments, providing an effective alternative to gas heating. Our electric heaters symbolize our dedication to offering a complete spectrum of heating solutions.

Electric heating systems provide efficient solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces, catering to various sizes and requirements, from small rooms to expansive open-air venues like restaurants, stadiums, and nightclubs. These electric infrared heaters are available in two sizes and offer single or dual bulb options, including a 2-stage feature for high or low heat settings. You can easily control the heating comfort with on/off, variable, or 2-stage controls, available in different models to suit your needs, including weatherproof options and various mounting choices.

Schwank’s Electric Heaters are designed for those who seek an alternative to gas heating without compromising on efficiency and performance. They are ideal for areas where gas heating is not an option, providing warmth and comfort with the same reliability and quality of installation that ChopAir is known for.

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