Radiant Tube Heaters: Efficient Heating Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Spaces

At ChopAir, we are proud to specialize in providing tailored design support of Schwank Radiant Tube Heaters in a variety of environments.

Discover Ultimate Efficiency with Tube Heaters from Schwank

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Radiant tube heaters are ingeniously designed to cater to a wide array of spaces, perfectly suited for areas with ceiling heights ranging from a modest 8 feet to an expansive 50 feet. Their exceptional adaptability makes them an ideal choice, adeptly handling even the most challenging negative air conditions. 

You will see this type of radiant heater used in warehouses, manufacturing spaces, distribution centers, mechanic’s garages, airplane hangers, and other industrial environments.

About High-Intensity Tube Heaters

At ChopAir, we don’t just supply industrial heaters; we deliver customized heating solutions. Recognizing that each space has unique heating requirements, we work closely with our clients to design and implement energy-efficient tube heating systems that are tailored to their specific needs.

Infrared tube heating systems fall under the category of gas-fired infrared heating units, a part of the decentralized heating system family. This classification is significant, as it underscores their ability to deliver heat precisely where it is needed most. 

Unlike centralized heating systems that heat entire spaces uniformly, often leading to energy wastage, decentralized systems like industrial radiant heaters focus on targeted areas, enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs.

The versatility of radiant tube heaters is one of their most compelling attributes. These heaters are particularly effective in large, open spaces where traditional heating solutions often fall short. By delivering consistent, comfortable radiant heating solutions for large spaces, we ensure a pleasant environment for both employees and customers, irrespective of the outside weather conditions.

Superior heating efficiency means that spaces are heated more effectively and comfortably. The environmental impact of radiant tube heaters is another key consideration; they are a greener option compared to traditional heating systems, contributing to a reduction in your carbon footprint.

Installation and Maintenance: Ensuring Long-term Efficiency

Ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your commercial infrared tube heaters and their heating elements are a cornerstone of our service at ChopAir. Our team of experts are skilled in professional installation techniques, ensuring your heating system is set up for maximum efficiency right from the start.

Regular maintenance is crucial and our comprehensive service plans are designed to keep your system running smoothly, efficiently, and safely over the long term. This commitment to quality installation and maintenance not only ensures operational excellence but also provides our clients with peace of mind and reliability. This is what makes us stand out from others offering infrared heaters for industrial use.

Ready to Upgrade? Connect with ChopAir for Your Radiant Tube Heater Needs

Upgrading to radiant tube heaters offers a multitude of benefits. One of the most significant advantages is the potential for long-term cost savings without sacrificing heat output. Due to their efficiency, these heaters can significantly reduce heating costs over time, making them a smart and cost-effective investment for any business.

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