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Cut through the cold with ChopAir heaters! Are you tired of soaring heating bills in your commercial space? Look no further! We’ve teamed up with Schwank and Modine Heaters to bring you the most advanced and cost-effective heating solutions available today. Say goodbye to the cold and skyrocketing energy costs – it’s time to embrace efficient commercial and industrial heaters.

Our Heating Solutions


Low-Profile Power Vented (PTP/BTP)

The perfect heating solution for warehouses and large commercial spaces. Modine’s horizontal power-vented PTP unit heater line achieves an outstanding thermal efficiency of up to 83%, all in a compact and business-friendly design. 

Enhance heat and air distribution by adding ductwork to the blower model BTP. This unit is ideal for greenhouse applications and other scenarios requiring improved and adaptable air movement.


Power Vented Gas-Fired Unit Heaters

Time-tested and durable this quality gas-fired heater is able to efficiently heat ample commercial or industrial spaces. 

Impressive 83% thermal efficiency maximizes seasonal efficiency through the use of a collector box and the power exhauster.


Hot Dawg® Garage Heater

The Hot Dawg® separated combustion garage heater draws all its combustion air from outside, making it a perfect choice for workspaces where paint or flammable materials are frequently used. This design ensures fresh air supply and safety by minimizing the risk associated with dusty or particulate-laden environments, addressing concerns about performance and durability.

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Tube Heaters

Discover the ultimate in efficiency, comfort, and reliability with tube heaters. Ideal for spaces ranging from low 8′ to high 50′ ceiling heights, these heaters thrive in diverse environments, even handling negative air conditions with ease. Radiant tube heaters are categorized as gas-fired infrared heating units, belonging to the decentralized heating system category, known for delivering heat precisely where it’s needed and offering redundancy, ensuring continued operation even if one unit fails in a facility.

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High-Intensity Heaters

Schwank’s high-intensity radiant heaters are engineered for top-notch performance. These heaters are used in industrial and commercial buildings, workshops and logistics facilities. They help lower the cost of operation and environmental impact through the infrared heat waves emitted which are absorbed by objects rather than the air. Enjoy immediate, targeted heat where you need it most, all while reducing your heating expenses.

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Outdoor Heaters

Outdoor gas-fired and electric patio heaters have become a staple in various settings like restaurants, entertainment venues, and stadiums, with this trend on the rise. Designed for commercial and hospitality venues, they boast safety, modern aesthetics, and a small footprint. With a modest initial investment and minimal daily operating expenses, the ROI is quick. Explore our top-quality outdoor heaters and discover the wide range of infrared heating solutions for your space today.

Electric Heaters

Electric heating systems provide efficient solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces, catering to various sizes and requirements, from small rooms to expansive open-air venues like restaurants, stadiums, and nightclubs. These electric infrared heaters are available in two sizes and offer single or dual bulb options, including a 2-stage feature for high or low heat settings. You can easily control the heating comfort with on/off, variable, or 2-stage controls, available in different models to suit your needs, including weatherproof options and various mounting choices.

Ready to revitalize your heating system? Turn to ChopAir, Modine and Schwank Heaters for the ultimate heating solutions. We understand the unique needs of your industrial or commercial space, and our partnership brings you the best in the business.

Don’t let the cold hold you back – contact us today to explore how Schwank heaters can transform your workspace. Take the first step towards efficient warehouse heating and experience the difference of infrared heating solutions from Schwank. Say hello to comfort, energy savings, and productivity.

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