Certified Installation and Maintenance

Installation and maintenance are a breeze with ChopAir.

You know what fans you need and where they will go. Now you just need them fully installed. 

No problem! 

The ChopAir team is committed to ensuring you have everything you need to install your HVLS or directional fan with ease. But, if you would prefer to have it done for you, we’d be happy to help. We have a nationwide network of certified installation technicians ready to install your fans. 

From hanging to wiring to programming, we do it all—the right way.


5-Step Turnkey Installation Process

Our installation process consists of five key steps to ensure your fans are installed quickly and correctly every time. The typical turnaround time for installation when you work with ChopAir is less than a day, so you don’t need to worry about costly downtime or major disruption to your operations.


Structural Support

Our contractors will install the appropriate mounting support structures to solidly support the weight of your fans. Support structures may include I-beams, bar joists, z-purlins, wood beams and/or concrete tees.


Hanging and Installing Your Fans

Our installation team will hang your fans in the predetermined locations.



A certified electrician will do all the necessary electrical wiring for your fans to connect them to the appropriate power source. (Many fan installers don’t include the electrical work, so make sure to check this when you’re comparing quotes!)


Fire Alarm Integration

Your fans must comply with the NFPA 13 criteria and shuts off in the event of a fire. To guarantee this happens, our team will work closely with your fire security provider to integrate the fans into their system. 


Programming and Automation

Our fans are a breeze to use. A member of the ChopAir team will program and automate your fans using a single controller, teach you how to control your fans, and answer any questions you have. 


ChopAir Maintenance Program

Your fans are an investment and we want to make sure you get the most them so they run properly for fifteen years or more. 

The ChopAir maintenance program includes cleaning your fans and the motors, checking the fuses, and more. You can choose to do this quarterly, bi-annually, or once a year.

Trust the Experts To Do It All

Correct installation, wiring, and programming is essential to ensuring your industrial fans run efficiently for a long time. Our certified installation professionals have installed thousands of fans throughout the country and know what it takes to get the job done well and on time.

ChopAir is proud to have a nationwide network of certified installation technicians who have been trained to install our top-of-the-line fans correctly and safely every time. Our installers truly know the products they’re working with, so you can rest assured that they will hang your fan in a way that will ensure it performs well for a long time.

Being a Certified Installer is a Cool Job—Apply Now!

If you’re interested in becoming a certified installation professional or are one already, we would love to speak with you and discuss job opportunities with ChopAir.

We’re in It Together

If you want true turnkey installation and responsive customer service, then call us. We know what it takes to get the job done from start to finish. We will happily share our knowledge with you to ensure there are no costly surprises or unexpected downtime during the installation process.

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