Design and Install the Right Fans and Heaters for Your Space with Commercial Heating & Cooling Services

At ChopAir, we understand the unique challenges and demands of maintaining optimal climate control in commercial spaces. Whether running a large industrial warehouse or a restaurant, understanding the intricacies of commercial heating and cooling systems is vital for maintaining an optimal work environment.

Discover the ChopAir difference in commercial heating and cooling services—where experts in the design and installation of fans and heaters  meet the demands of your business environment.

Explore Our Range Premier Commercial HVAC Products

Every business is unique, and so are its heating and cooling requirements. From industrial warehouses requiring strong air circulation to outdoor commercial patios where customer comfort is key, our industrial heating and cooling solutions are designed to align with the specific needs of a wide range of commercial environments.


ChopAir’s high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans are engineered to deliver efficient, large-scale air movement, resulting in a more comfortable environment and enhanced energy savings. Ideal for spacious commercial settings, these fans effectively circulate air, cooling in warmer months and heating during colder months.

Directional Fans

Our directional fans combine powerful airflow with quiet operation and durability, ideal for diverse environments needing targeted air movement. Featuring powerful motors and efficient design, our directional fans combine high airflow capabilities with low noise levels and corrosion resistance, designed for focused airflow and lasting performance.


Our range of gas-fired, tube and electric heaters are designed to offer efficient and reliable heating solutions, ensuring you stay warm without the high utility costs. Whether you’re looking for a system that can handle the harsh winters or simply need to maintain a consistent temperature, ChopAir has the right heating solution for you.

Professional Heating and Cooling for Your Business

At ChopAir, we understand that each industry faces its unique challenges when it comes to climate control. Using our expertise, we remain committed to providing commercial heating and cooling services tailored to various commercial environments and operational needs.

Engineering Design

ChopAir's seasoned engineers evaluate your space and develop a customized plan to ensure superior airflow with energy-efficient HVLS and directional fans. From determining which fans you need and where to place them to provide the necessary structural support, you can count on our expertise to provide safe, code-compliant recommendations.

Installation & Maintenance

ChopAir offers comprehensive installation and maintenance services for industrial and commercial-grade fans and heaters. Our highly skilled team ensures every installation is completed with precision and adheres to the highest industry standards. 

After installation, thorough inspections, lubrication, and performance tests are essential for early detection and resolution of potential mechanical issues, thus reducing the likelihood of breakdowns. Regular comprehensive system reviews, calibrations, and safety compliance verification are necessary to prevent unexpected outages or hazards, optimize energy usage, and uphold safety standards.

What to expect from our maintenance services:

  • Thorough cleaning, fine-tuning, and fuse checks are aimed at averting dust accumulation, maintaining operational dependability and efficiency, and diminishing mechanical strain.
  • Extensive examination, lubrication, and performance assessment to detect and rectify potential mechanical concerns promptly.
  • Full system evaluation, calibration, and safety compliance verification help prevent unforeseen disruptions or hazards, optimize energy consumption, and uphold safety standards.
  • Comprehensive documentation of maintenance procedures for your reference and records.

Experience the Difference with ChopAir

At ChopAir, we take pride in being at the forefront of delivering advanced, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. Our commercial heating and cooling services deliver high-quality, dependable airflow management using state-of-the-art HVLS fans, heaters, and precision-engineered designs.

Efficient heating and cooling systems are integral to all commercial spaces, ensuring optimal temperature control, energy efficiency, and operational cost-effectiveness. From manufacturing warehouses to large data centers, our commitment to innovation and adaptability makes us the preferred partner for businesses across various industries.

When you choose ChopAir as your partner in commercial heating and cooling, you can be sure that you will receive solutions that provide nothing less than the highest performance and lasting durability. Contact us today to discover how your commercial space can benefit from commercial heating and cooling services that make your business needs a priority.

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